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Special Usage Conditions

Compulsory Third-Party Personal Insurance

It is the owners responsibility to ensure that the vehicle is covered by appropriate Compulsory Third Party Personal Insurance that provides coverage for use of the vehicle as a rental vehicle. These requirements may differ from state to state or depend on individual circumstances. This may require that the vehicle is registered for Commercial or Business use.

My vehicle registration is:

I confirm that it is my responsibility to check with my State motor vehicle registration authority to determine the correct registration and CTP insurance for my vehicle. I will arrange appropriate CTP insurance for use of my vehicle as a rental vehicle.

Compulsory Third-Party Personal Insurance

A compulsory third party insurance class of personal share vehicle, class 25B, has been created. This compulsory third party insurance class covers vehicles that are to be used for personal vehicle sharing / peer-to-peer vehicle sharing.

Do you have a third party insurance class 25B?

Yes, I confirm my third party insurance class is 25B
No, I don’t have have a class 25B

Tracking Device

We recommend that a GPS tracker is fitted to the vehicle to aid management of the vehicle and assist if any issues are encountered during the rental. Two options are available: Covert installation with immobilisation functionality and a self install GPS tracker.
Please contact me to discuss installation of a GPS tracker and/or immobiliser
I decline to have a GPS tracker and immobiliser installed


Tell renters more about your car

This is where you can tell people why they should rent your car from you.

No need to include your contact info. Renters will receive it once you’ve confirmed their booking.


Upload a minimum of 3 high quality images of your car (interior and exterior) to increase your chance of having your car rented out.


The owner rate is the amount you will receive per day when your car is rented and is based on the market value of your vehicle.

$0 /day

Owner daily rate

A higher daily km allowance will make your car more attractive to renters.

Additional kilometres above the daily free km allowance will be charged to the renter at a rate per km. You will receive 100% of the amount collected from the renter. A lower rate will make your car more attractive to renters.

Start date

Please select the first date your vehicle will be available for rental.

Minimum Rental Days

Choose 2 days for maximum earning potential. If you want to use your car on certain days, you can set exclusion periods below.

Set the minimum number of days your car is able to be rented for each booking. Cars available for rental periods less than 7 days are rented more often and earn more money per day.

My Car availability

By default your car is always available. If you would like to block out dates when it is unavailable, please select the dates below.

My car cannot be booked on these dates:

Promo Code

If you have been provided with a promotion code, please enter it below and receive a bonus.


Upload photo

Enter the verification code that has been sent to your mobile phone


emergency contact We recommend you enter an emergency contact name and number in case we need to contact you urgently about an issue with your vehicle


Please provide your bank account details for your owner payments.

I have read and accept the DriveMyCar Owner Terms & Conditions