The Gold Coast is a smorgasbord of treasures, with the very best of Australia all within short drives of one another. Everything from the glittering beaches to the vibrant nightlife is all about luxury, so why not book a luxury car hire on the Gold Coast to help you zip around these hot spots in style?

In case you need convincing, here are some of the best things to check out with your Gold Coast luxury car rental.

Tour the theme parks

The Gold Coast is the heart of Australia’s theme parks with no fewer than five separate parks for you to choose from.

Warner Bros. Movie World lets you step into the world of your favourite film characters as you take on one hair-raising ride after another. Dreamworld is not far away, and is ready to terrify you with gravity-defying rollercoasters, whereas Sea World offers plenty more rides – but also marine animals and interactive tours.

Go beach hopping

You’d be letting yourself down if you didn’t at least visit one beach while on the Gold Coast.

While you can drive to any section of the coast and never go wrong, there are a few worth mentioning. Nobby Beach (simply ‘Nobbys’ to the locals) is a hot spot as it’s right next to numerous bars and restaurants, whereas Burleigh Beach offers white sands and a few waves for surfers. Then there’s Currumbin Creek, which is flat enough for stand up paddleboarding, and Rainbow Bay, which is all about the surf waves.

Get outta town

Need a break from traffic and high-rises? Get outta town and explore some of the nearby national parks for some much needed tranquility and tree therapy.

The Springbrook National Park is roughly an hour’s drive from the Gold Coast, which is all the more enjoyable in a luxury car hire. It’s filled with waterfalls, gorgeous hiking trails, and a natural bridge, making for an idyllic getaway from the city.

The Tamborine National Park is also an hour from the Gold Coast, and is where you’ll find more waterfalls and lush forest areas, as well as views out over the coastline, basalt columns, and sheer cliffs.

Meet the wildlife

Australia’s wildlife is world famous, but not all of it is out to eat you. There are a few spots around the Gold Coast where you can say hello to native and exotic animals in a safe environment.

The Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary will introduce you to Australia’s native animals, from cute and cuddly koalas to the lumbering wombats and somewhat terrifying crocodiles. The sanctuary has a wildlife hospital on site, and holds shows and encounters where you can learn more about our local animals.

Or, head to Tamborine Mountain, where you can slip inside the glow-worm caves for a tour to watch as these tiny critters light up the cavern roof above you.

No matter what you do, a luxury car rental on the Gold Coast will make it that much more exciting and enjoyable.

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