How to earn money while you’re on holiday

You’ve saved your pennies, booked your accommodation, and planned a few adventures. Naturally, you’re expecting to spend a bit of money while you’re away – but did you know that you can also earn money while you’re away?

Add to that travel money stash when you rent your car with Drive My Car, the site that lets you loan out your vehicle, making you extra cash from something that would otherwise sit idle in your garage while you’re away! And don’t worry, once your car is available for rent and you meet a few criteria, we GUARANTEE you will earn at least $2,500 in your first 12 months. What could be simpler?!

Here’s how to make quick money while you’re away on holiday.

1. Sign up

The first step is to sign up to Drive My Car, which you can do quickly and easily via Facebook or email. It only takes a minute, but gives you a secure account you can come back to for lending out your vehicle – or even borrowing someone else’s in a different city for that holiday of yours!

2. List your vehicle

Next, create a listing for your vehicle.

There are a few pieces of criteria you’ll need to tick in order to meet our quality assurance standards. For example, your car must be less than 10 years old, and have less than 150,000 kilometres on the clock. It can’t be worth more than $75,000, and it has to be well maintained, registered with CTP insurance, and available for rental periods of seven consecutive days.

3. Manage your booking requests and pick a renter

Wondering how to make money from home? Sit at your laptop and pick who you’d prefer to rent your car during your holiday.

You’ll have full control over who rents, and how much they pay, so take your time in managing your requests and finding the right fit for your vehicle.

4. Organise pick up and return

Once you’ve picked your renter, we’ll complete an ID check, a credit check, and confirm that we have received payment from them. Then we’ll hand you the reins so you can contact the renter to organise pick up and return of your car.

We’ll provide a handy checklist for you to record details of the condition of the car, and we’ll also instruct you to ensure the vehicle is clean with a full tank of gas – your renter will need to do the same upon return.