It’s easy to make money renting your car with DriveMyCar. We have created a list of tips to ensure your car is a great money maker.

1. Make sure your car stands out from the crowd. Take good quality photos in good light from different angles around the car.

2. Price your car right. The DriveMyCar provides a recommended rental price for your car. Have a look at similar cars available in your area and consider if a price reduction would make it more attractive to renters.

3.  Make your car more attractive to renters by offering a higher free kilometre allowance and/or lower excess kilometre charge.

4. Let people know that your car is available for rent. You can share your car’s profile on Facebook and through other social media channels.

5. Make sure your car is clean and remove all your belongings before a rental.

6. Fill up the fuel tank. This avoids any confusion over the amount of fuel at the start of the rental. The renter is required to return your car with the same amount of fuel.

7. Remove your car from any toll accounts. The renter is responsible for all tolls and fines. They can use their own etag or purchase an online toll pass.

8. If you are renting your car out for long periods of time you can cancel you may wish to cancel or pause your comprehensive insurance. While your car in on a rental it is fully covered by the DriveMyCar Motor Fleet Policy. Remember to re-commence your insurance when the car is not being rented.

9. Make sure you fully complete all sections of the handover inspection report at the beginning and end of the rental and that the renter signs the report. A properly completed inspection report makes it much easier to charge the renter in case for any cleaning, damage of fuel costs.

10. Respond quickly to all booking requests. Renters often make booking requests on multiple vehicles so the first owner to respond has the best chance of securing the rental.

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