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DriveMyCar is Australia's largest peer-to-peer car rental company, where you can earn money by advertising your car for rent out to trusted renters in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Listing your car is 100% FREE (there are no membership fees) and you get to select when it's rented and who rents it.

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How it works
Listing your car is 100% FREE and there are no membership fees. You approve when it’s rented and who rents it. We ID and credit check renters, collect all rental payments and provide a formal rental agreement. Drivers are responsible for all fuel, tolls and fines whilst on rental.
Your car is covered by the DriveMyCar Motor Fleet Insurance Policy which provides theft and collision damage cover for your vehicle with up to $30,000,000 coverage for third party property damage. If you have a long term rental you may wish to cancel your current policy.
We take care of all payments for you. Simply add your bank details and we deposit directly into your account.
Car requirements
  • less than 10 years old
  • less than 150.000 kilometres
  • Current market value under $75,000
  • registered with appropriate CTP insurance

DriveMyCar makes peer-to-peer car rental safe and easy

Renters are screened before bookings are confirmed.
We verify ID's and perform credit checks to ensure that only trusted people can rent your car.
A bond is collected for all rentals.
GPS tracker and immobiliser can be fitted to your car for extra peace of mind.
We believe in great customer service and support, so if you have any questions, call us now on 1300 980 706 and talk with us in person.
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