3 favourite road trips to take with the family this holiday season

Whether you can’t find a steady parking spot for your Sydney apartment, the insurance costs too much, or you just don’t need one all that often, there are plenty of reasons not to own a car.

That said, it would be handy to have one just occasionally. After all, road trips are an Australian tradition.

Fortunately, you don’t need your own name on the ownership papers to head out and explore some of Australia’s best family road trips. You can pick up a private car rental with DriveMyCar, which helps you cut down on hire costs and pick from a wider selection of vehicles.

Need some inspiration? Here are three fantastic road trips in Australia to take with your family these holidays:  

The Eyre Peninsula

The Eyre Peninsula road trip is all about beaches, seafood, and unforgettable Aussie memories. Rent a car in Adelaide and make your way around the coastline to get started.

You’ll first make your way down the east coast of the peninsula, stopping at small towns along the way to explore white-sand beaches, lighthouses, and incredible sunsets should you stay the night. In Port Lincoln, dive into the water for a swimming tour with the sea lions (or for the extra brave, the great white sharks!), then fuel up in Coffin Bay with some of the best seafood in the country. And while you’re in the area, don’t miss Fishery Bay, which is one of the most underrated and beautiful beaches in Australia.

The Great Ocean Road

It’s not a list of Australian road trip recommendations without a mention of The Great Ocean Road. This drive from Melbourne to Adelaide (or Adelaide to Melbourne) is a good pick as it doesn’t take terribly long if you don’t have much time, or you can easily stretch it out if you do.

From the Twelve Apostles, London Arch, and the Grotto to all the small towns along the way, there’s a lot to love about this coastal road trip. Even if you’ve done this one before, there are always new treasures to be found. Have you taken the Gibson Steps to see the Apostles from the beach? Have you explored the Port Campbell National Park on foot?

Cairns to Cape Tribulation

Explore the north and the beaches that rank as some of the best on the planet with a road trip from Cairns up to Cape Tribulation. This short drive is one pristine white-sand clear-water beach after another, interspersed with laidback beachside towns and picturesque scenery.

The major attraction in this area is the Great Barrier Reef, and whether you go snorkeling through it or fly above it, it’s truly a unique experience the family with love. That said, there’s also the Mossman Gorge and the lush Daintree Rainforest, as well as charming Port Douglas where you can visit the Wildlife Habitat to see koalas.

Whether you’re looking at one of these epic road trips in Australia or a quick weekend away just out of the city, DriveMyCar can help get you there. Take a look at which car can get you there now!