Don’t get ripped off by traditional car rental companies this Christmas.  Some companies are charging upwards of $176 per day for an economy sized car over the holiday season. Make sure you do your own Price Check!

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Traditional car rental companies don’t always disclose all of the costs when you are booking a car online.  There are often mandatory fees or extra charges for  insurance which can double the price you expected to pay based.

The savvy car hirer needs to avoid the following traps:

Read the terms and conditions very carefully; look closely at the excess or damage liability. This is the amount you will have to pay if you have an accident that is your fault . Some traditional car rental companies will leave you with the first $5000 to pay out of your own pocket. Buying additional insurance from the rental company to cover this gap can double your daily car hire fee. Look for a company that offers a low damage liability or a low daily fee to reduce it. It is often possible to extend your travel insurance to cover the damage liability.

Location fees
Where possible, take a taxi or public transport to the main pick up point for your car rental. Collecting your car from a premium location (usually somewhere convenient like the airport) can increase your fees substantially. If you are travelling in a group with a large amount of luggage, it might be practical to send one person out to get the car whilst the rest of the party wait with the luggage for collection. If you hope to drop off your car at a different location to the pickup, be prepared to pay an additional fee.


Extra hire costs
Non-luxuries like an e-tag, GPS system or a baby seat can often incur a hefty extra fee when hired from a traditional car rental business. If might be cheaper to hire from another source (look online) or even buy an item like a baby seat from a large retailer rather than paying the routinely high hire fees for these items

Check for administration and other additional fees
Many traditional car rental companies charge what’s called an administration fee, commonly 3-4 per cent on top of the total cost. Also look out for registration recovery charges and other random fees. There is no room for negotiation online, so try to speak to a representative or customer service about having these charges waived; quite often the representatives would prefer to get your business and may be willing to reduce or negate these extras altogether to secure the booking.

ALWAYS give yourself time to refill your car before you return it. Expect to pay above the odds on a refueling charge if you return the car with less than the agreed fuel level.


Do your research
Make sure you compare not only the advertised price but also the total price. There can often be large differences. A lot of the traditional car rental companies change their prices based on the level of demand so if they are busy, prices may be higher.

Try an alternative  
Many individuals and companies are now bypassing traditional car rental companies and renting cars directly from private owners and corporate fleets via a peer-to-peer car rental service. The prices are often much lower, especially for long term car rental and they are more upfront about any fees. If you’re looking for a better car for less money, they may be the way to go.

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Need a car to drive for Uber? DriveMyCar has you covered with vehicles now available for use with UberX. DriveMyCar provides the most flexible, lowest cost way to rent a vehicle for use with UberX. DriveMyCar has late model vehicles from a low $179 per week which includes roadside assistance, all servicing and comprehensive insurance.

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DriveMyCar has mine spec vehicles now available in Queensland. You can hire a fully kitted 2014 Toyota Hilux 4WD Dual Cab from only $94 per day. These vehicles are fitted with roll over protection structures and can be used around the mine site.

This represents great value compared to traditional car rental operators which charge large premiums for similarly specified vehicles. These 4WD are also great for tradesmen and contractors.

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Vehicle owners can now take advantage of our ManageMyCar service in Sydney and our new location at Melbourne Airport. If you are travelling overseas or are not able to perform rental handovers yourself, the DriveMyCar team can handle all your bookings, handovers and rentals. We arrange all servicing and if your car is not MAon a rental it is stored in our secure parking facilities.

If you are going away for an extended period and would like us to manage your car for you call us on 1300 980 706 or for more information.

In Melbourne we offer:

  • Pick up and return services from 7am – 11pm 7 days a week
  • A free shuttle between Easy Airport Parking and Tullamarine Airport
  • New shorter rental period of 4 days

Find out more about the ManageMyCar service here.