Top 5 occasions perfect for hiring a luxury car

A luxury car hire is one of those rare ‘treat yourself’ moments where you know that a regular sedan would do the job just fine – but then you remember that life’s short, so why not have a little fun every now and then?

Here are five occasions that offer the perfect excuse for booking a luxury car hire.

  1. For a special birthday

Birthdays are times to celebrate and do something a little special, and whether it’s your own day or that of a loved one, a luxury car can add that cherry on top for the occasion.

Perhaps it’s a weekend away with friends, a nice dinner out, or even just a surprise day-trip to a beautiful location for a scenic picnic. No matter what plans are on the agenda, a luxury rental will make it all the more special.

  1. For the perfect proposal

It’s a day that you’ll be talking about for the rest of your lives in great detail, and one that neither of you will ever forget.

If you’re looking to get every detail ‘just right’, a luxury car hire in Melbourne or wherever you may be is definitely the way to ensure every last step is well prepared for to make your partner feel pampered and loved.

  1. For a romantic anniversary getaway

Heading away to the Orange wine region for a romantic anniversary getaway? Book a luxury car hire in Sydney to make the drive out and to cruise around the central tablelands in style.

Wherever you are in Australia, it’s easy to pick up a luxury rental for your escape with your loved one to take the romance and excitement to the next level.

  1. For that long-awaited road trip

Australia is made for road trips, so if you’ve been planning an adventure with friends or family, you can always take it up a notch and drive off into the sunset in a luxury vehicle.

You might not usually think of luxury when you think of road trips, but it makes good sense to find a car that’s going to give you a much smoother, quieter drive, and offer far more comfortable seats for those long stretches on the road. Plus, an upmarket car will probably have an awesome sound system, which is always a must for any great road trip playlist.

  1. For a wedding party

It’s no secret that anything to do with weddings costs several times as much as it usually would, so wedding car rental companies often charge very high fees to hire a luxury vehicle just for a day or two.

Hiring a luxury vehicle with Drive My Car will likely save you cash for the big day, and may even give you more options as this peer-to-peer rental platform knows no bounds when it comes to the makes and models you can find online.

Even with all these great reasons to hire a luxury car, don’t forget that you never actually need an excuse to treat yourself!


And remember, you can always find great value luxury cars for rent at DriveMyCar.

You don't need a car to drive for uber


Ridesharing app Uber has taken the world by storm, and we don’t blame you for wanting a part of the action. It’s a great way to earn cash, whether you’re looking for a full-time job, or a part-time position you can pick up in your spare time.

So how do you become an Uber driver, and more importantly, what if you don’t have a car to get started? Take a look at our quick guide on joining Uber, and how DriveMyCar can help get you on the roads earning cash.

How to become an Uber driver

To begin Uber sign up, you’ll need to be over the age of 21, have access to a car that meets the Uber requirements (more on this shortly!), have held a full, valid driver’s licence for 12 months minimum, be listed as an insured driver on the vehicle, and provide necessary documents.

Documents include things such as your birth certificate, driver’s licence, insurance, and a profile photo. You’ll also need to submit to a background check.

Once you’ve ticked all the Uber driver requirements, you’re ready to start driving!

Uber car requirements

Uber drivers must provide their own cars, and those cars must meet certain requirements. Different states and territories have some varying requirements, but generally speaking, your car must:

  • Be free from cosmetic damage
  • Have no commercial branding
  • Pass inspection
  • Be in excellent running condition
  • Have four doors (or is a van)
  • Have no more than eight seats total
  • Must not be older than 10 years
  • Registered and CTP insured

In many ways, the Uber car requirements are in line with our criteria at DriveMyCar. This means that when you book an Uber car rental with us, you know it’s in good condition, insured, no older than a decade, and well maintained.

Become an Uber driver with DriveMyCar

At DriveMyCar, we’ve created Uber Marketplace, which lets you rent a car for Uber from as little as $179 per week.

Each vehicle comes with:

  • 24/7 roadside assistance
  • Dedicated account manager
  • 7-day minimum rental period
  • 7-day handback notice
  • Free kilometre allowance
  • Coverage for accidental damage and theft  Comprehensive insurance

Our range of vehicles is diverse and ensures you’re able to choose a car that you’re comfortable with. We offer economy options,  hybrid vehicles, SUVs, and Uber X and Uber XL class, and you can see the full variety of cars when you visit our Uber Marketplace.

Keep in mind that even if you pick up a car from Uber Marketplace, you’ll still be able to use it for personal use.

As Australia’s largest peer-to-peer rental service, we are ready and equipped to help you with your Uber car hire, whether that’s to begin as a driver without your own car or to keep you on the roads when your car is unavailable.

Get in touch with us about renting a car for Uber to speak with an account manager, or call us today on 1300 980 706 to talk about how we can help get you driving.


The Gold Coast is a smorgasbord of treasures, with the very best of Australia all within short drives of one another. Everything from the glittering beaches to the vibrant nightlife is all about luxury, so why not book a luxury car hire on the Gold Coast to help you zip around these hot spots in style?

In case you need convincing, here are some of the best things to check out with your Gold Coast luxury car rental.

Tour the theme parks

The Gold Coast is the heart of Australia’s theme parks with no fewer than five separate parks for you to choose from.

Warner Bros. Movie World lets you step into the world of your favourite film characters as you take on one hair-raising ride after another. Dreamworld is not far away, and is ready to terrify you with gravity-defying rollercoasters, whereas Sea World offers plenty more rides – but also marine animals and interactive tours.

Go beach hopping

You’d be letting yourself down if you didn’t at least visit one beach while on the Gold Coast.

While you can drive to any section of the coast and never go wrong, there are a few worth mentioning. Nobby Beach (simply ‘Nobbys’ to the locals) is a hot spot as it’s right next to numerous bars and restaurants, whereas Burleigh Beach offers white sands and a few waves for surfers. Then there’s Currumbin Creek, which is flat enough for stand up paddleboarding, and Rainbow Bay, which is all about the surf waves.

Get outta town

Need a break from traffic and high-rises? Get outta town and explore some of the nearby national parks for some much needed tranquility and tree therapy.

The Springbrook National Park is roughly an hour’s drive from the Gold Coast, which is all the more enjoyable in a luxury car hire. It’s filled with waterfalls, gorgeous hiking trails, and a natural bridge, making for an idyllic getaway from the city.

The Tamborine National Park is also an hour from the Gold Coast, and is where you’ll find more waterfalls and lush forest areas, as well as views out over the coastline, basalt columns, and sheer cliffs.

Meet the wildlife

Australia’s wildlife is world famous, but not all of it is out to eat you. There are a few spots around the Gold Coast where you can say hello to native and exotic animals in a safe environment.

The Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary will introduce you to Australia’s native animals, from cute and cuddly koalas to the lumbering wombats and somewhat terrifying crocodiles. The sanctuary has a wildlife hospital on site, and holds shows and encounters where you can learn more about our local animals.

Or, head to Tamborine Mountain, where you can slip inside the glow-worm caves for a tour to watch as these tiny critters light up the cavern roof above you.

No matter what you do, a luxury car rental on the Gold Coast will make it that much more exciting and enjoyable.

You can find great value car rentals on the Gold Coast here.

Earn money while away on holidays


How to earn money while you’re on holiday

You’ve saved your pennies, booked your accommodation, and planned a few adventures. Naturally, you’re expecting to spend a bit of money while you’re away – but did you know that you can also earn money while you’re away?

Add to that travel money stash when you rent your car with Drive My Car, the site that lets you loan out your vehicle, making you extra cash from something that would otherwise sit idle in your garage while you’re away! And don’t worry, once your car is available for rent and you meet a few criteria, we GUARANTEE you will earn at least $2,500 in your first 12 months. What could be simpler?!

Here’s how to make quick money while you’re away on holiday.

1. Sign up

The first step is to sign up to Drive My Car, which you can do quickly and easily via Facebook or email. It only takes a minute, but gives you a secure account you can come back to for lending out your vehicle – or even borrowing someone else’s in a different city for that holiday of yours!

2. List your vehicle

Next, create a listing for your vehicle.

There are a few pieces of criteria you’ll need to tick in order to meet our quality assurance standards. For example, your car must be less than 10 years old, and have less than 150,000 kilometres on the clock. It can’t be worth more than $75,000, and it has to be well maintained, registered with CTP insurance, and available for rental periods of seven consecutive days.

3. Manage your booking requests and pick a renter

Wondering how to make money from home? Sit at your laptop and pick who you’d prefer to rent your car during your holiday.

You’ll have full control over who rents, and how much they pay, so take your time in managing your requests and finding the right fit for your vehicle.

4. Organise pick up and return

Once you’ve picked your renter, we’ll complete an ID check, a credit check, and confirm that we have received payment from them. Then we’ll hand you the reins so you can contact the renter to organise pick up and return of your car.

We’ll provide a handy checklist for you to record details of the condition of the car, and we’ll also instruct you to ensure the vehicle is clean with a full tank of gas – your renter will need to do the same upon return.



Australia is renowned for the amazing road trips it offers through stunning and varied scenery. At DriveMyCar, we believe everyone should be able to enjoy them to the full.  We’ve partnered with Connect Hearing to better understand how travel can be more accessible for those with hearing loss, check out the article here: ‘Ideas for Travelling with Hearing Loss’.

Hearing loss can often make people feel cut off from the world. At DriveMyCar we make sure our services are inclusive for all travellers. Our customer support is available via text and live chat as well as by phone, so customers with hearing loss have access to exactly the same support as everyone else. We can also advise on the best inclusive routes where you can find facilities to make life easier if you’re hard of hearing, such as hotels, restaurants, and excursion providers.

We want you to get the most out of your Australian road trip. Get in touch to find out how we can help.



Don’t get ripped off by traditional car rental companies this Christmas.  Some companies are charging upwards of $176 per day for an economy sized car over the holiday season. Make sure you do your own Price Check!

Book now at DriveMyCar from $30 per day all inclusive. DriveMyCar where you get a better car for less.



If you want a better deal on car rental, you will have to look a bit further than the first car rental company that pops up in a Google search. A little research and knowing some of the tricks used by traditional car rental companies will help you save money. Alternatively, there are peer-to-peer car rental companies that provide all-inclusive pricing and can get you into a better car for less money. It’s a pretty smart option. You can rent a late model car owned by a corporate fleet that is currently excess to their requirements and make significant savings.

There are a few things to look out for when renting from a traditional car rental company and how to avoid any surprises.

Understand the real cost
The daily price for a car from a traditional car rental company might seem reasonable at first, but you’ll often find that unforeseen charges added to your bill bump the price up quite a lot. Prices at some locations nearly double when necessary extras, like insurance, admin fees and more are included. Make sure you base your decision on the total cost, not the just the advertised rate. Make sure you read the terms and conditions and are aware of what your rental fee includes or does not include.

While it’s reasonable to assume that insurance is included in the standard rental rate, many companies apply a damage liability of up to $5,000 which you will need to pay in the event of an accident. They may offer the opportunity to reduce the damage liability but the cost per day is often more than the daily rental cost, which more than doubles the quoted price. Look for a reasonable damage liability charge and a low daily fee to reduce it.
Base your decision on the total rate, not just the advertised rate.

Premium location fees
If you’re renting a car from a convenient or premium location such as airports, you may be charged an extra fee for the privilege of collecting the vehicle from this location. The charge can be as high as 29% and is added to the total cost, not just the base rate.

Beware of false discounts
Many of the traditional car rental companies offer discounts that are supposed to reduce their high fees but when you read the fine print, the discounts only apply to the base rate, not the total price so the discount is probably a lot less than it seems.

Extra hire costs
If you need any extras for your rental like a GPS system or a baby seat, some traditional car rental companies charge a fee. Make sure to check before you lock anything in and consider sourcing them yourself to save money.
Premium location fees can be as high as 29% of the total cost – not just the base rate.

Want to rent long term?
Long term car rental can provide much more flexibility than buying or leasing a car. Not all car rental firms like to rent cars for longer periods. They may charge you more or make you constantly return the car and swap if for another one. Try searching for ‘long term car rental’ on Google.

Administration fees
Many traditional car rental companies charge what’s called an administration fee, commonly 3-4 per cent on top of the total cost. This fee changes based on the type of insurance you choose, whether you’re renting any extras, how you booked and whether you’re using the agency’s e-tag and more. Also look out for registration recovery charges and other random fees.

Get an accurate quote
How do you work out the real price you will pay as opposed to the price that comes up when you look at a website? Firstly, don’t just rely on website prices. There is always fine print attached to the prices. Call or email the rental company, give them your exact requirements and ask for a written quote, including any mandatory fees. Print this out and present it when you pick up your car; many businesses will abide by their own quotes if you are stern. The person at the desk often earns a commission on the total price charged, they’d prefer to earn something than let your car hire go to one of their competitors.
If all of the above sounds like too much hassle, check out non-traditional (peer to peer) rental companies rather than just relying on the big names. They often have a wider range of vehicles, in more locations and can be a lot cheaper, especially for long term rentals.

Search for cars at and rent a better car for less money.